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Sydney: Tues. 4th - Fri. 7th July
Adelaide: Mon. 17th - Thurs. 20th July 
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These July school holidays, all high school and upper-primary school students, with an open mind and eager to learn, are invited to join us for the “2023 Philosophy Camp”.


The theme for this year’s Camp is, “The Virtues―Our Path to Happiness.”


Aristotle once remarked that all men desire to be happy. This is true, is it not? And yet, what is also true, is that to arrive at a destination, one needs to know the way to get there!


On this Camp then, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, participants will explore the wonderful moral wisdom of St Thomas Aquinas—a wisdom which points out that any true pursuit of happiness is only to be found in living a virtuous life; and ultimately, in loving God above all things.


In our modern, increasingly secular world, living virtuously is seen to be restrictive to one’s freedom. Moreover, troubling ideas are presented to the young, in which they are encouraged to seek meaning, purpose, and happiness in life in strange ways.


A solid foundation in St Thomas’ moral teaching, however, will serve as an antidote to such ways of thinking. Pointing out, in fact, that it is the life of virtue which liberates; and the acknowledgement of objective truth that sets one free (cf. John 8:32).


This Camp aims to equip participants with a fundamental understanding of the moral and theological virtues, and bestow an appreciation of their importance and greatness. It being ultimately hoped that this will facilitate in each participant a greater growth in these virtues.


A feature of the Camp will also be frequent team-building activities as well as daily group sport and recreation. These will culminate in a group challenge on the final day of Camp, where teams (aided with their knowledge learned at Camp) will tackle an obstacle course, and compete for the coveted “Philosophers’ Cup”!

Please note: Registrations close on 22 June 2023 (for Sydney Camp); and 7 July 2023 (for Adelaide Camp)

Sydney Camp (Tuesday 4th - Friday 7th July):

For more information about the Sydney Camp, including registration forms, please see here.

For the Sydney Camp flyer, please see here.

Adelaide Camp (Monday 17th - Thursday 20 July):

More information about the Adelaide Camp, including registration forms, please see here.

For the Adelaide Camp flyer, please see here.

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